The phase model

Questionnaire design with the VividForms Editor

Phase 1: Preparation

Mapping the evaluation structure and designing questionnaires
  • Import function for structural and participant data
  • Integrated questionnaire editor (VividForms Editor) for the design of questionnaires
  • Various question types (for example scaled questions, single or multiple choice questions, segmented open questions, open questions, matrix questions)
  • Comfortably create questions with the aid of an assistant
  • Population of questionnaires with structural data
  • Integrated question library
  • Web-based application allows work independent of your work station
Paper-based, online and hybrid surveys

Phase 2: Survey

Conducting paper-based, online and hybrid surveys

  • Generate any number of paper-based, online and hybrid surveys with just a few clicks
  • Output of the PDF-printing file for paper questionnaires
  • Direct distribution and subsequent collection results in high acceptance and return rates
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous online surveys
  • Adaptation of survey layout to mobile devices
  • Automatic generation and distribution of PSWDs for online surveys
  • Accessible online surveys for visually impaired participants (WCAG 2.0 Level AA)
  • Multilingual online surveys for survey participants with different mother tongues
  • Hybrid surveys for different participation alternatives

Phase 3: Capturing

Scanning questionnaires and capturing the online survey

  • Automatic evaluation of paper-based, online and hybrid surveys
  • Capturing of questionnaires via a scanner
  • Automatic allocation of questionnaires to the right survey thanks to modern reading technology
  • Display of open questions as image section with anonymization function
  • Creation of PDF- and HTML-instant reports with clear and graphic representation of results
  • Depiction of results in histograms, profile lines, summarizing indicators, quality guidelines in the form of traffic light illustrations as well as a presentation slide
QM views in EvaSys

Phase 4: Analysis

Creating further evaluations and reports

  • Summary or comparison of reports for different departments and courses
  • Generation of subunit reports
  • Comparison of profile lines, for example with previous surveys (internal benchmarking)
  • Automatic distribution of comparative reports with aggregated means or time series
  • Raw data export of results for Excel, Sphinx and SPSS
QM views in EvaSys

Phase 5: Quality management

Overview and transparency with quality management views

  • Definition of target values for subsequent quality control
  • The quality management portal enables the identification of key indicators
  • Generation of reports with periodic, time-controlled, mailings
  • Highlighting of extremely positive or negative results