The professional software for the organization-wide conduction of examinations

EvaExam is the established software solution for the automated conduction of examinations. The professional assessment software enables a quick and efficient course of the entire examination process and is the ideal solution for any area of application. You can realize every examination project efficiently and professionally with EvaExam.
Lecturers are facing the challenge of creating and grading a multitude of examinations. As a web based software, EvaExam is immediately available organization-wide and thus enables a quick and flexible start of your project.
You can design individual exams in a few steps with our exam editor. The exam itself can be conducted as a legally compliant paper exam. Online tests or quizzes to monitor learning progress can be created equally as quickly. The acceptance from examinees is high as well, as the examination results are available very quickly. You receive detailed results immediately after the capturing of exam sheets and can carry out further analyses with the raw data as a basis. EvaExam offers a service-oriented IT infrastructure for the entire organization that is accessible centrally and easy to maintain.

You can not only use multiple choice questions with EvaExam. Single choice question, true/false question, multiple choice question, open question, Kprim question, matching question and the segmented open question (hand writing recognition) are available as question types in EvaExam. Particularly the segmented open question offers manifold possibilities for designing creative exam sheets. When using single or multiple-choice questions, guessing probabilities can be minimized with the help of various functions. We are frequently supported by external consultants with the further development of our software in order to ideally implement the experiences of our users.