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Online Survey Image Scale

Everybody at some point or other may have seen this on numerous rating portals: The ubiquitous star ratings that allow you to award a certain number of stars to a particular item. In addition, version 8.0 allows to display alternative graphics and provide visual support in answering an EvaSys online survey question, instead of the conventional radio options in online surveys.

How does it work?

First of all, the questions have to appear as standard rating questions in the VividForms Editor. A checkbox in the Question Wizard is used to define that this question should be displayed as an image scale: 


Please note that in the case of image scales it is good practice to locate the positive bar of the rating on the right side, so that the rating structure is build up with the filled asterisks from left to right. If, in addition to the image rating questions, you also use standard rating questions in the questionnaires that have the positive value anchored on the left, you have the option of displaying other image rating questions for the evaluation. This can also be done directly in the Question Wizard if required (see above).

Now, when you go to the Online Survey Preview, you‘ll see that the rating for the selected questions is replaced by an asterisk rating. In the non-selected condition, the asterisks appear gray; once selected, they appear yellow.


But what if you prefer to use other images instead of the default ones? Of course you can also use your own graphics in addition to the star scale. To do this, you would need to create your own graphic and then upload it to the Online Template Management. This would give your online survey its individual look. In particular, this works as follows:

Use a suitable image editor to produce graphics that consists of two parts: The upper and lower parts of the image display the graphics for the completed and uncompleted forms, respectively. Here are two examples with asterisk graphics on the left, and graphics with boxes of different colors on the right.

The graphics must be 16 x 32 pixels in size and be saved in a .JPG or .PNG format. We recommend that you use a transparent PNG file to present the graphics in the best way possible against a colored background.


Now, go to the ‚Settings / Online Templates‘ menu. If you have already created your own customized online template, you can edit it by clicking on the yellow pen. If you have not yet created your own template, click on the button [Create New Customized Online Template].


Open the ‚Question types‘ tab. Use the ‚Image for Image Scale‘ item to upload the created file into the system. After uploading, an image preview will be displayed right away.


Now you just have to save the template and release it for use, unless you have already done so. You can define online templates for the entire system in the ‚Settings / Configuration / Surveys Online‘ menu, assign them to a single subarea in the subarea properties, or assign them (version 8.0 or higher ) to a single survey in the survey details:


To review the layout, create a survey with a prepared questionnaire and call up the online preview. Now the graphics you produced will be used instead of the system‘s default star rating.

Does that sound like your thing? To give you a few suggestions, we have created some exemplary graphics (heart, smiley, thumbs-up and sun) for image scales. You can download these in the ‚Help‘ tab of the ‚Extras‘ menu.

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