Media to Get Started with EvaSys

E-learnings and Quick Start Guide

As an EvaSys administrator, you often have to create and manage not only accounts for new Active Users, but, in most cases, you also need to onboard new employees. Sometimes you may have to do research for yourself on what is the easiest way to handle certain topics in EvaSys. We would like to offer you the best possible support for these situations and are presenting two media, which will make it easier to get started with EvaSys and will enable a quick overview of the key features.

Maybe you are already familiar with our Quick Start Guide as a companion guide to EvaSys. However, active EvaSys users operate in the areas other than administrators, who are primarily in charge of the central evaluation. For the customized application, we have developed a Quick Start Guide for users of Active Accounts. You and users of Active Accounts can find them in the EvaSys „Extras“ under the „Help“ tab. Whether digital or printed, for example, to add notes, it is a practical tool for selfstudy when working with EvaSys to become safer and faster.

In addition, our E-learnings have been available for some time now to help you get started with EvaSys: these short videos highlight the key topics, such as „Preparing surveys“, „Evaluating surveys“ and „Mail merge“ and describe how to proceed in the respective situations. Active users will find our E-learnings in EvaSys in the „Extras“ section. There, the videos can be played directly under the „Video Portal“ tab. Administrators can find the videos in our Video Portal in the „E-Learnings“ section. Dort können die Videos unter dem Reiter „Videoportal“ direkt abgespielt werden. Administratoren können die Videos in unserem Videoportal im Bereich „E-Learnings“ finden.

For more detailed information, you will find other topics in our Video Portal, such as those from webinars or the E-learning icon. Or take a look at the „Help“ tab in the „Extras“ section, which contains the Quick Start Guide and other documents on various topics. We hope you enjoy browsing through.

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