Managed Hosting

The comprehensive no-hassle package

The number of customers using our Managed Hosting offer is steadily growing. We secure reliable and professional server support: Our Managed Hosting offers a comprehensive nohassle package for your IT department. Digitalization of feedback processes requires secure and professional server support. Our Managed Hosting spares you the trouble of having to use server hardware and IT resources because we both provide and maintain the EvaSys system.

But what are the benefits of the Managed Hosting Service?

Smooth surveying is a top priority when it comes to the provision of systems. The failure of EvaSys can quickly result in considerable data losses and mess up internal processes. Our Managed Hosting services guarantee maximum system uptime with minimal downtime on high-performance servers that meet our system requirements for high-load operations. Performance monitoring ensures continuous monitoring of the server and automatic response in the event of malfunction. Threats are quickly detected through our regular, systematic security scans. Our automated patch management ensures the installation of security fixes for the secure operation of your Managed Hosting system. When installing service packs, upgrades, or updates, we will work closely with you to ensure as much flexibility as possible in predicting the availability of your system.

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