Handling of Legacy Data

EvaSys Sanitization and Archiving Capabilities

The archiving of old survey data plays a key role for the EvaSys operation and comes with a number of other benefits. EvaSys system administration requires a user-friendly structure to ensure system performance and security. In addition to EvaSys administrators, IT administrators and data protection officers also benefit from a user-friendly system. The ConArch archiving solution provides a perfect solution for the fast and secure archiving of survey data. ConArch covers all steps of data archiving and is customized to your specific needs. You can trigger the individual processes manually or you can leave these tasks to ConArch, whereby various tasks can be completed automatically via timer control in the background.

Step 1: Develop solutions

Once it has been detected that old survey data can influence the performance of EvaSys and that various GDPR provisions must be complied with, the first step towards a solution would be to create a checklist.

Step 2: Complete surveys

Once you have worked out your individual requirements, ConArch comes into play. First, the surveys to be archived must be completed in EvaSys. No data can be archived until you have completed surveys. The surveys can either be closed automatically with the help of ConArch with predefined settings (according to days, time) or manually in EvaSys.

Step 3: Archive survey data

Now that you have taken the first step, that‘s when ConArch really comes into play. Data archiving is another important step that ensures smooth operation of a clean, high-performance EvaSys system. To move your survey data from EvaSys to the ConArch archive, use ConArch to define archiving settings for your subareas. Once the settings have been set up, they are archived automatically.

Step 4: Delete data

Now you are almost done and after the old survey data has been archived, it can also be safely deleted from your EvaSys system. By deleting legacy data, you make EvaSys faster and easier to use. This reduces boot times and makes you system more responsive – a sound reason to get rid of bad rubbish. You can also set up automated deletion settings in ConArch.

Step 5: Data access

Even though legacy data has been archived based on defined criteria and deleted from EvaSys, you may need to gain access to certain data. For example, if former instructors wish to gain access to their own survey data. ConArch provides direct access to archived data from EvaSys. By accepting the EvaSys search criteria (e.g., subarea, course, date), you will find the data you are looking for very quickly.


ConArch is an optional tool of choice if you want to clean your EvaSys system from old survey data. Due to automated completion, archiving and deletion of surveys, ConArch enables you to establish a solution for the long-term maintenance of your system. As the ConArch archive grows, your EvaSys system becomes easier to use and more efficient. Direct, user-friendly access to archived data from EvaSys allows to quickly find the surveys you are looking for via the plain text search function.

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