Customize Your PDF Report

New Features of Version 8.0

Enjoy the new integrated Report Editor, which can be used to produce customized PDF reports. Discover the possibilities of the new Data Bridge, which facilitates the connection of third-party systems thus ensuring convenient and automated import of event data. Find out numerous small changes and extensions in the survey structure (bar charts, star ratings, ranking question, etc.) and evaluation (categorization, comparison lines, etc.). For a list of new features, please refer to Overview of Features.

Version 8.0 provides free access to these features in the Online Support System. It took us two years to develop the new version 8.0 but it paid off. And it‘s not only about innovative features. We‘ve improved the product usability and updated all relevant software components to ensure that you operate the most up-to-date product. So if you are not up to date, you‘d better upgrade right away!

The new features of version 8.0 also offer some highlights. The release also allows to discover the new functions as part of a training session. We offer various presence and web training sessions at discounted rates.

Digitalization of feedback processes requires secure and professional server support. All the more so because of high loads that can arise in the implementation of the Online in Presence survey form which is in ever greater demand, the recommended performance parameters must be adhered to. Our Managed Hosting spares you the trouble of having to use server hardware and IT resources because we both provide and maintain the EvaSys system.

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