The long-time managing director, Mr. Sven Meyer, and the company founder, Mr. Lars Riemenschneider, have made the decision to reposition the company for the next 20 years. Mr. Meyer began his success story in 2000 as a working student at the former Electric Paper GmbH. At the same time as his 20th anniversary year, he decided to step down from the sole management of the company and change to an active role as shareholder and advisory board member, and to continue to serve the company as an experienced source of impulses.

Everybody at some point or other may have seen this on numerous rating portals: The ubiquitous star ratings that allow you to award a certain number of stars to a particular item. In addition, version 8.0 allows to display alternative graphics and provide visual support in answering an EvaSys online survey question, instead of the conventional radio options in online surveys.

The archiving of old survey data plays a key role for the EvaSys operation and comes with a number of other benefits. EvaSys system administration requires a user-friendly structure to ensure system performance and security. In addition to EvaSys administrators, IT administrators and data protection officers also benefit from a user-friendly system. The ConArch archiving solution provides a perfect solution for the fast and secure archiving of survey data. ConArch covers all steps of data archiving and is customized to your specific needs. You can trigger the individual processes manually or you can leave these tasks to ConArch, whereby various tasks can be completed automatically via timer control in the background.

The number of customers using our Managed Hosting offer is steadily growing. We secure reliable and professional server support: Our Managed Hosting offers a comprehensive nohassle package for your IT department.

After the last year‘s conference held in Cologne, this years‘ EvaSys conference is heading north. In collaboration with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), this year‘s EvaSys conference will take place on September 11 and 12 at the HAW Finkenau campus. The campus of the School of Design, Media and Information is located in the former gynecological clinic Finkenau, directly on the Eilbek canal in close vicinity to Hamburg‘s main railway station.

In the digital era, people are forced to remember far too many passwords. This equally applies to the EvaSys administrators and instructors. In order to facilitate access to an EvaSys Active Account, we have now developed the LDAP plug-in, which is available free of charge in the EvaSys Extras.

Enjoy the new integrated Report Editor, which can be used to produce customized PDF reports. Discover the possibilities of the new Data Bridge, which facilitates the connection of third-party systems thus ensuring convenient and automated import of event data. Find out numerous small changes and extensions in the survey structure (bar charts, star ratings, ranking question, etc.) and evaluation (categorization, comparison lines, etc.).

Do you carry out your paper-based surveys with verification, i.e. with manual visual correction of the insecurely read crosses? And do you often notice that you only have to confirm the suggestions made by the system, because the crosses were basically recognized correctly, but the fill levels are borderline, as shown in the following example?

You want to try new survey formats, but do not know how? You have an idea for a plug-in that makes your work with EvaSys easier, but cannot program it? You use a self-developed tool in conjunction with EvaSys and would like to introduce it to the masses? Then just sign up! Our Community Platform is waiting for you.

As an EvaSys administrator, you often have to create and manage not only accounts for new Active Users, but, in most cases, you also need to onboard new employees. Sometimes you may have to do research for yourself on what is the easiest way to handle certain topics in EvaSys. We would like to offer you the best possible support for these situations and are presenting two media, which will make it easier to get started with EvaSys and will enable a quick overview of the key features.