Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH

Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH is the leading supplier of software solutions for the conduction of surveys, which are created, completed and evaluated in an automated fashion. With EvaExam we are also present in the sector of the automated assessment and recording of examinations at universities, private course providers as well as in the further education and extension studies sector.

With more than 1.400 customers and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide EvaSys represents the norm for evaluation solutions. As an established solution supplier with strong customer focus we have stood by our customers’ side during the survey process since 1996. In our team, more than 20 years of development work and experience meet reliability and innovative capacity. The determination to consequently advance our software and the will to incorporate our customers’ wishes and ideas into the product development shape the understanding of our work.

Faithful to the motto “innovation thrives on advancement” we have the standard that our customers work with a current and modern system at all times.