Enterprise Option

Test updates and use the SDK for the development of own integrations

The Enterprise Option gives EvaSys and EvaExam customers, who have a valid Premium Support Contract, the possibility to have a look at new software versions without impairment of the production system. With simulated updates of the production system with the actual data set (staging), updates can be tested and prepared. This minimizes downtimes of the production system during an update. The Enterprise Option also enables our customers to implement own integrations into, for example, LMS or administration tools while accessing the SDK*. Optionally it is possible to additionally acquire a second instance of the production system.

Archive server

Clear space for higher speed

Standing EvaSys users might know this situation: The multitude of conducted online and paper-based surveys leads to a big, partly unclear data set in EvaSys in the longterm.

Once made decisions about the design of the survey structure should also be rethought and adapted in regular intervals. With the EvaSys archive server you receive a copy of your EvaSys system, which - in line with reporting - results in a higher speed and enables you to restructure your production system.


With data synchronization for more performance and data security

With the Dual-Server-Option, the „must-have“ of add-ons for systems, with which peaks in the online use caused by online surveys/test can be separated from the remaining operation of the system, the operation of EvaSys or EvaExam is extended from a one-server-system to a dual-serversystem.

EvaSys or EvaExam is run on one server by default, which is accessed by all users (administrative users as well as online survey participants) for all processes and tasks. An intensive use of online surveys quickly generates very high user numbers that influence the performance of the entire system. As EvaSys captures sensible evaluation data that should be protected as much as possible, EvaSys systems are often only available within the internal network and not available externally. In these circumstances online surveys are not possible or only possible internally. The add-on Dual- Server-Option solves both of these problems.

Managed Hosting

Secure and cost-efficient, straight from the source

Most organizations have a manifold IT infrastructure with many systems. IT departments thus have to oversee and service more and more different systems. To relieve this it is possible to set up a EvaSys hosting contract, provided a Premium Support contract exists, and thus change to a stress-free, secure and cost-efficient EvaSys server operation by Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH.

With the EvaSys Hosting Service the need for server hardware and IT resources becomes obsolete, as Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH assumes the provision and maintenance of your EvaSys system. The convenient conduction of paper-based surveys you are used to and the administrative operation via your web browser remains the same. Regular backups, the recovery service in case of damaged hardware and the Service-Level-Agreement complement our hosting offer.