VividForms Designer

Sophisticated questionnaires in your corporate design

The VividForms Designer has everything you need for the quick and simple creation of questionnaires in a sophisticated design. You choose the corporate design and document template, create the layout structure and define your questionnaire via drag & drop with the help of readymade building blocks. Questionnaires in portrait or DIN A3 format are created in no time at all. The VividForms Designer is based on Java Webstart. The installation is carried out automatically via the web server as soon as you start the VividForms Designer in the EvaSys system for the first time.

ICR Enginge

Automatic recognition of Segmented Open Questions

The Segmented Open Question is available to you as a question type in EvaExam, in order to include questions with open results in exams. With the help of the ICR Engine for EvaExam, numerical and alphabetical characters, for example when asking for results of calculations or in language tests, are automatically recognized and read. This decreases the manual evaluation effort significantly. For the examiner it is additionally possible to integrate space for the approach in the question, which can be displayed during grading. Thus, partial points can be awarded even if the results are wrong.
Characters that could not be distinctly recognized can be quickly processed via sight correction. With the ICR Engine examiners can save valuable time resources when querying open answers.

Secondary system

Use EvaSys and EvaExam organization-wide for different projects

Are you wondering how you can use EvaSys or EvaExam not only for one area or department of your organization but organization-wide for different projects and processes? The solution: a secondary system. You install an independent second EvaSys/EvaExam system, which corresponds to the capacity of your base EvaSys system. The secondary system provides a clean division of multiple topics at database level using independent data storage, survey/examination processes, a separate structure as well as separate corporate designs. We are happy to identify the optimum solution for your organization in a personal conversation.